Mattress Protector

All mattress protectors are boil proof OEKO-TEX®- certifies, with four rubber straps and optional bias binding or stable overlock-embedding- protecting your mattresses for years on end.





Triple-layered mattress protector IBIZA

The triple-layered perfect matress protector is made from 100% cotton/PU/ 100% cotton, appx. 440 g/m²: water proof, breathable fabric, boil proof and durable. The outer layers offer nice flannel feel, the PU middle layer protects from moisture while still allowing for air circulation.

washable at 95°

Double-layered mattress protector KRETA

Breathable fabric, double-layered mattress from 100% cotton, PU, appx. 210 g/m². Cheap in price and use. The surface is covered with nice flannel, the lower layer consists of Pu-foil, which prevents moisture from getting into the mattress while still allowing for air circulation.

washable at 95°

Molleton-mattress protector MALTA

Malta is one of the thickest molleton covers on the market. The thickness is important since it provides the protector with great absorbency, therefore, providing a good night sleep climate. Moreover, the mattress will be protected from mechanical deficiencies for years. High quality made out of 100% cotton.