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Washing and textile care advices

Please refer to our washing and textile care advices in order to maintain the high quality of your multitex textiles.

Terry textiles

To prolong the soft and cosy touch

Terry textiles from multitex should be treated as indicated on the label. The first wash should be done at 95 degrees.

"Elegance by Maczek" articles should be washed at 95 degrees for the first three times and should be put into the dryer only after the third time.

Colored terry textiles are to be washed separately since they can give off some of their dye. Strong colors should also be washed at 95 degrees to bypass staining and decoloring.

White products that carry embroideries are not to be washed at 95 degrees. Otherwise it may discolor. White terry textiles should be washed with heavy-duty detergent to sustain their fresh white color.

Colored terry textiles can be cleaned with mild detergent since they do not contain whiteners, which would lead to a change of color.

Avoid using softeners. They reduce the durability and absorbency of the products. It is sufficient to put the textile into the dryer if indicated. Avoid energy saving washes on your machines since the terry products will lose their fluffy texture.

Do not pull out strings, cut them off.

Dryers should not be programmed on high heat. Terries become fluffy and comfortably soft in the dryer. It also reduces fluff.

Wellness bags

For a long life...

Multitex wellness bags are not suitable for the washing machine. It is advised to only treat them by hand without aggressive detergents.

The DELUXE WASH is an exception - our sales team can provide you with more information on the details.