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Our refinement procedures

and their application field...


Intricate or colored logos

Upgrading and decorating are core purposes of embroideries. Logos for instance, can be applied as a monogram or as extravagant colorful theme embroidery. They are always an important decorating element, be it shiny, metallic iridescent or matt- always a sight for the eye.

We strictly rely only on boiling/ chlorine resistant yarn from AMANN (ISACORD) or POLYSOFT. You can choose from 12 different colors for your logo. Mainly, embroidery is ordered on our gowns, felt bags and wellness bags.

High-weavings and low-weavings

noticeable refinement

The high-/low- weavings or so called Jacquard weavings are done tonal and are thereby perfectly suitable for refinements on our multitex terry towels.

The outcome is subtle and can be applied extensively on the textile product. The design is embossed achieved through reducing single loops. The backside is covered with nap.

Colorfast weaving

Multicolored cloth for extensive design

Our colorfast (cook and chlorine proof) colored cloth is manufactured by using pre-colored ring spinning yarn. Our large towels " Toskana" and "Coffee" are produced via this procedure.

Transfer printing

Individualised slippers and wellness bags

Your hotel logo is printed back-to-front on a substrate. Then it is applied on the product under heat and pressure. This results in a clean and beautiful print image.

Using this technique is favorable for bathing slippers and wellness bags where the multicolored complex designs cannot be realized with weavings.