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Your specialist for quality hotel textiles!

Spirit of Quality

Since the first day, we produced our own terry products. On about 7.500sm multitex crafts their unmatchable "elegance" terry quality, which fascinates customers all over the globe.

More than 100 co-workers are employed to check the trouble-free process of production.

The name "multitex" stands for expert advice, the highest product quality, reliability, and environmental sustainability. Stand for a green environment and order sustainable products from multitex! For personal consultation do not hesitate to call us and we can arrange a not binding meeting with one of our field service employees.


Terry products from multitex are made following these regulations:


An independent certification system for textiles in raw/intermediate and end processing stages.

ISO 9001

Serves as quality management and the continual progress of the production processes. Therefore, the result is customer satisfaction, competitiveness, and economic efficiency.


As a member of the SEDEX data base we show our partners and customers alike that our priorities lie in ethnic and social sustainability. These principles have the utmost priority in our company.

Our philosophy

If you do not try to reach new heights every day, you have already lost.

Elegance by Maczek

The Maczek family has always followed this motto. We have been working vigorously on perfecting our product development for nearly a century.

The declared goal is to manufacture a high quality product for a sound price.

energy saving in laundry

sustainable in production

durable in use

inexpensive in purchasing